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The Art and Science of Creating Scintillating Spaces!

The hum of a well-run dining room – sparkling energy of laughing diners enjoying friends’ company; servers gliding between tables laden with deliciousness.
Smiles; referrals.

Customer satisfaction scores increasing – associates commended for their efforts; tangible results from measured continuous improvement.
Raises, awards; profits.

Brand synonymous with physical presence – great traffic flow; tenants renew leases; the building is an icon with which people identify.
You have arrived.


People Prepare Products in Places for Profit.

This sounds like a tongue-twister, but in fact is the basis of business. The better people perform, the higher quality products are likely to be; and better performing people need support from management in where and how those products are produced.

Place is often overlooked as a factor in the “system” of a business as contributing to performance and profits. But if a building is an energy hog, or is inefficiently laid out, or does not have a high quality Environmental characteristic (air quality, lighting, comfort, basic needs for use, ugly) it can bring down quality of product and cut into profits and add to the cost of doing business.

Candacity LLC is a business improvement company focusing on People in Places; meaning how people work in a space is part of the company’s system and improvements to place improves performance and therefore products and services.

We are program managers, construction project managers, architects and designers. We want to be your business improvement partner.


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  • Global QSR – national remodeling program for 6,000 locations. Sales increased 5-15%, transactions up approximately 5%.
  • Global Food Service Management Company – 550 school districts marketing/improvements program. Participation increased ranged from 7 – 13% in converted schools.


  • Investment management policy and processes established and deployed to maintain/reduce remodeling costs & manage preferred supply chain. Continuous improvements to reduce time and the average deployment cost by 60% over three years.
  • Strategic planning for corporate department to design and deploy effective remodeling program. Database of costs, results and vendor transparency speeding up continual innovations to market.


  • Convenience Store/QSR Real Estate Partnership – contract negotiations, implementation of marrying unlike businesses on single site for successful Co-Branded service stations/restaurants locations nationwide.
  • Children’s Celebration, Retail & Salon Services – prototype development and for new business segment adding incremental sales of from 5 – 10% to each location.

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NAICS CODES: 541310 – architecture; 541410 – interior design; 541350 – building evaluations;
541620 – site evaluations; 236220 – construction management; 541611 & 541614 – business improvement.

NCARB – Registered architect multiple states
American Institute of Architects – member
American Society for Quality -  Associate of Quality
Construction Specification Institute – Document Technologist Certification

FAB Milwaukee Innovation Committee – Food and Beverage Industry Organization connecting people, business and technologies


  • Site investigation
  • Zoning & permit process management
  • Cost estimating


  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Programming for urban plan development
  • Public meetings facilitation
  • Analysis and synthesis of data
  • Graphic plans reflecting results of meetings and decision making


  • Design services site, building and interiors
  • Contract documents all phases
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction phase management


  • Traffic studies for operational efficiency
  • Energy efficiency evaluations
  • Layouts BOH, FOH and dining
  • Construction and equipment estimates
  • Supply chain management


  • “Branded” programs for multiple sites
  • Roll out plans across an organization
  • Staff training on protocol and standards
  • Supply chain management


  • Owner’s independent representative
  • Professionals and contractor relations management
  • Bid process management
  • Construction job observation and documentation
  • Follow up and commissioning


In referring to one of the ways Candacity helped Nardin Academy improve their Food Service:
“One of the biggest (and yet simplest) things for instance was this study of movement efficiencies for the customer line….  Knowledge is power, we were able to make simple line changes that have huge impact on the quality of the students’ lunch experience.”
Leslie Johnson, VP Finance and Operations, Nardin Academy, Buffalo NY

“We’ve worked with Melanie on several projects in the past when she worked for another vendor. She has proven to have a keen understanding of our business and can take in consideration our specific needs. I think really being flexible in order to provide us with exactly what will work. Due to our complex business model and the numerous constituents we have to manage for, its always a struggle to have a consistent program, so flexibility is key. I would say that Melanie really understands quantity feeding and food service facility design. Because of her back ground in architecture this adds a perspective you can feel confident in. She analyzes a project from several different angels and often she brings so much data and resources to the table that at least you have the option on what you will and will not use. She is a valued partner to Chartwells K-12 Schools.”
Audene Chung, VP for Business Strategy Group, Chartwells School Dining Services

“Candacity does a great job at seeking to understand the nuances of not only our market, but our business model and both the constraints as well as the opportunities within. Candacity will bring expert support and results to a program or business initiative with in-depth investigation and research, solid recommendations and tools for implementation. Melanie is approachable, highly professional and open minded. Her approach combines the best of personalized small business with that of large corporate perspectives for unique solutions.”
Toni Alexander, Director of Marketing and Field Support, Chartwells School Dining Services

“By far the best company that will represent your corporate interest with integrity and honesty.”
Richard Sage, Special Projects Manager, Chartwells School Dining Services

“Because Melanie has a unique perspective and vast experience with food service organizations. She went way above and beyond my expectations to make sure my client was completely satisfied. Plus she’s awesome. Melanie provide my client incredible service. She volunteered to take additional photos when found out the client needed something in addition to what they received. That’s because Melanie is AWESOME.”
Paula Hare, Principal, Hare Strigenz Design Lab



Candacity LLC



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